2 person guided utv excursion

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What is the cancellation Policy?

There are NO refunds unless PARTICIPANTS purchased, at the time they made their reservation, RUNAMUK’s "Trip Interruption Plan" otherwise there will be no cash or credit card refunds whatsoever.

Except for rental returns (until 9am-10am), we are closed on Sundays. We are closed July 3 - 5. We will reopen at 9am on July 6.

Where is the pickup location?

Unless you selected delivery service, all excursions leave from our location at 13679 W Thannum Fire Lane, Hayward, WI 54843.

What's Included?

Guide service; guest rental unit(s), fuel, and helmets plus fun and entertainment.

What to Bring?

Drivers and operators’ licenses, camera, cash and credit card; fully charged phone GPS enabled; extra shoes/clothes to change out of after the ride, dusk mask, rain gear. Dress appropriately and in layers. We suggest you pack an outer layer such as a breathable rain suit, gloves even on bright and relatively warm days. It's a lot cooler in the forests especially when moving.

What to know?

Runamuk Rides is situated at the junction of 3 major trails. You and your guide will simply hop on machines and leave right from Runamuk. Ample parking is available. The guide is there to help you navigate the trails and assist, as best as possible, when unplanned occurrences arise. The guide is not a chauffeur and will not be driving you around or carrying extra passengers. They are also not first responders, instructors, or mechanics. Guests must come fully prepared and skilled in operating their own equipment.

Our trail system courses through thick forest that circumnavigate past many glacial lakes and streams. The terrain is “undulating” (quite hilly, up & down) and the trails best described as winding (sharp curves and not so sharp curves). Wildlife such as black bear, timberwolves, fox, coyotes, fishers, porcupines, deer, beaver, otters, etc. abound. Guests often may encounter the forests’ inhabitants. Respect them, don’t try and chase or approach them and you both can be on your way.

There will be stop breaks as needed but these will generally be in the forest. There are no public restrooms. You may wish to back your own snacks. Remember, though, the machines have very limited storage space. You may, if you want, bring a smaller storage bag or container, along with straps, that can be secured to some of the machines.

You are off-roading through private, county, state and federal forests. Trails are often muddy and you will get dirty.

Read the law, our cancellation policy and our agreements BEFORE you rent so you know your responsibilities. All equipment operators comply with Wisconsin DNR licensing and operation requirements. Visit dnr.wi.gov for more information.

We are NOT a school nor do we provide any training, navigating or operating instructions. The guide is there to assist and offer suggestions so you don't get lost. Ultimately, though, you are the pilot of your own machine. You are required to show up with sufficient knowledge, skills and capabilities to carefully inspect, operate and navigate the machines you are renting or operating.

In order to reserve a machine, you must pay the entire amount of rental upfront. We have a very strict cancellation policy so read it carefully.
We do NOT offer any kind of insurance nor are you in any way insured by us. You assume full liability for damage to machines or 3rd parties. Contact your insurance agent regarding coverage. Damaging or destroying our equipment can be expensive and you will have to pay according to our terms and conditions. Read them carefully before you decide to rent.

We will collect (charge) a $1500 per machine security deposit to cover any incidental expenses or damage costs. Assuming there's no damage or incidentals, your security deposit will be refunded within approximately 10 days. If there IS damage or extra charges we will advise you of the cost and deduct it from security deposits. If the charges exceed the security deposit amount we will require immediate payment of any remaining outstanding balance.

Our ATVs and UTVs are, electric start, four stroke, full-sized CanAm or Polaris machines. They have powerful engines and agility. All will be pre-registered and have appropriate WI trail passes. You do not need to purchase a trail pass separately. Runamuk requires helmet use at all times for both passengers and operators. You may rent from us or bring your own "sport appropriate" helmet (e.g., no bicycle helmets).

Except for rental returns (until 9am-10am), we are closed on Sundays. We are closed July 3 - 5. We will reopen at 9am on July 6.