16.5' Single Console Crestliner Fishing Boat



What is the cancellation Policy?

There are NO refunds unless PARTICIPANTS purchased, at the time they made their reservation, RUNAMUK’s "Trip Interruption Plan" otherwise there will be no cash or credit card refunds whatsoever.

Except for rental returns (until 9am-10am), we are closed on Sundays. We are closed July 3 - 5. We will reopen at 9am on July 6. We are also closed Labor Day.

Where is the pickup location?

We are located at 13679 W Thannum Fire Lane, Hayward, WI 54843 - halfway between Hayward & Cable, WI right off US Hwy 63. All equipment may be picked up there. If you intend to pick the watercraft yourself you may do so anytime on or after 10:00 AM on the day your reservation starts. You will need a suitable vehicle with a 2" ball, 4 pin flat wiring kit and sufficient ratchet straps to secure the boat to the trailer.

If you select delivery service for your watercraft we will meet you at the closest public boat landing or dockside, depending on which option you selected and paid for. Be sure and call and arrange exact delivery and pickup dates/times/locations. Due to a variety of conditions we cannot guarantee pickup dates or times. We will, however, keep you informed.

We ask that you call us at least 2 days before anticipated delivery to reconfirm. If you intend to pick the watercraft yourself you may do so anytime on or after 10:00 AM on the day your reservation starts.

What's Included?

The 16.5' is a well outfitted single console Crestliner Vision 1600 suitable for holding up to 4 people. Equipped with a powerful, electric start 4 stroke 60HP Mercury, this boat will get you to your fishing spots fast. Our 14.5' is equipped with an electric start 25HP two stroke motor. It works best with 2 adults or 1 adult with 2 kids. Both boats come with live wells, trolling motors, rod holders, fish finders, anchors, fenders, life jackets, tie off ropes, and rod locker or rod storage rack.

Also comes with adult sized over the neck orange life jackets; a throwable floatation device; tie off ropes; anchors; dock fenders; paddle; fish finder; and current year boat registration.

What to Bring?

Drivers license and DNR watercraft operator's license (as required - visit dnr.wi.gov); credit card & cash, cell phone, camera, sunscreen lotion, fishing licenses, bait & gear, towels, rags bug spray, cooler, snacks, etc. If you have any youths, toddlers or infants please bring a life jacket designed for their particular size(s).

If you are making your own delivery and pickup: suitable size vehicle (minimum half-ton), 2" ball with flat 4 pin wiring harness.

What to know?

Read the law, our cancellation policy and our agreements BEFORE you rent so you know your responsibilities. All watercraft operators must comply with Wisconsin DNR licensing and operating requirements. Visit dnr.wi.gov for more information.

We are NOT a school nor do we provide any training, navigating or operating instructions. You are required to show up with sufficient knowledge, skills and capabilities to carefully inspect, operate and navigate the watercraft you are renting. We will review key machine features with you but are not allowed to “instruct”.

In order to reserve a boat, you must pay the entire amount of rental upfront. We have a very strict cancellation policy so read it carefully.

You will receive our boats fully fueled and must return it that way. We suggest our Prepaid Fuel Option because finding fuel on your way back or carrying it in can be a challenge.

We do NOT offer any kind of insurance nor are you in any way insured by us. You assume full liability for damage to rented watercraft & accessories or 3rd parties. Contact your insurance agent regarding coverage. Damaging or destroying our watercraft can be expensive and you will have to pay according to our terms and conditions. Read them carefully before you decide to rent.

We will collect (charge) a $1500 per machine security deposit to cover any incidental expenses or damage costs. Assuming there's no damage or incidentals, your security deposit will be refunded within approximately 10 days. If there IS damage or extra charges we will advise you of the cost and deduct it from security deposits. If the charges exceed the security deposit amount we will require immediate payment of any remaining outstanding balance.

Note: you are expected to return the boat in a similar condition you found it, less ordinary wear and tear. Large scratches or tears, damaged props (no matter the extent), missing or damaged accessories, etc. are not ordinary wear and tear.

You must put clean anchors of mud, remove any trash, empty live wells, wipe up spills and wipe down upholstery, and stow gear back in its original spot. Bring any bait, fish, personal life jackets, lotions, sprays, trash, coolers, etc with you. Failure to follow these rules will result in an “Excessive Cleaning Fee” of $125.

Unless you selected the prepaid fuel option, all watercraft must be returned fully refueled with 91 octane ethanol free fuel. Otherwise a Refueling Fee plus cost of fuel at $4.99 per gallon will be assessed.

Except for rental returns, we are closed on Sundays. We are closed July 3 - 5. We will reopen at 9am on July 6. We are also closed Labor Day.